And they're off!

How happy are you to see spring training underway? At one point I used to live in Ft. Myers, and I can remember the influx of folks that came to see the Red Sox and Twins. Oh, how I wished I lived in Port St. Lucie.


Lets get it started with a few observations, and articles from the NY dailies--

Jose Reyes is back. We hope. The kid tore it up when he came through with the Norfolk Tides. Then, he went to NY and it's been nothing but empty promises. Starts to do well, and then the hammy acts up. This report makes it sound like he's doing much betters this year. My only comment is this-- if he injures it again, we need to consider a trade. He is FAR too young to be experiencing these types of nagging injuries.

Mark Hale (NY Post) writes that the Mets can swipe the NL East this year. Of course, there are some things that need to fall in our favor, but the fact reamins, when was the last time we were able to say the Mets have a legitimate shot.

Adam Rubin (NY Daily News) offers up a good round-up from Port St. Lou.

And finally, Jon Heyman (NY Newsday) offers up a closer look to Omar Minaya's full autonomy ovre baseball ops. Thank you Mr. Wilpon.

On MLB.com, confirmation to my fantasy buddies that there are some studs to be had on the Mets team. So, HA!


Pedro lights it up!

In case you missed it, everyone in Port St. Lucie is abuzz about Pedro's brief workout yestereday. He tossed a few pitches, and all indications are, he's what the Mets have long been waiting for.

In the Post, Kernan explains what his workout was like. Pedro worked out with bullpen coach Guy Conti for about a half hour.

Meanwhile, pitching coach Rick Peterson is in Alabama working on mechanics with a select few. This is a practice Peterson has long been involved in, and another round of pitchers will be making the trip within the next few weeks. Each pitcher is taped, and then studied for mechanics. Does it work? Ask Zito, Mulder, and Hudson-- Oakland's former Big 3.

Meanwhile, we get our first real look at how the bullpen is stacking up. Could be better, could be worst. This is perhaps the weakest link heading into spring training, but, in Omar we trust. You heard it here first-- there will be a major aquisition by the All Star break, making a final push down the stretch. It will be the bullpen that gets a lift.

On a totally unrelated note, a plea to Jason Giambi-- come clean at today's newser. Admit it, and get on with your career. Otherwise, every reporter in the Big Apple will be on your back about it all year. It WILL have an effect on your team if you decide to do otherwise.


Pedro arrives!

Problem. What problem? We have no issues whatsoever with Pedro. How must the suits in Boston feel this morning? Pedro Martinez reports to spring training NINE days EARLY. Complete coverage in all of the dailies, right hand side of the page.

This has been a problem in the past, but it doesn't seem to be this year. One of two things-- a great deal of respect for Omar, OR, he's doing this to impress his new employer. Whatever the case, it's great to see.

Some chatter on other fan sites have Mike Cameron possibly heading to the Yanks. Metsblog.com is where I picked that tidbit from. Don't know that I believe that, but there's always a possibility. Especially since the Yanks are hurting for a legit centerfielder. Personally, I don't think you cave. Keep Cameron, and lets see what happens for the first two months of the season.

Elsewhere, David Wright is the only every day player in Port St. Lucie right now. He should do fine this season, though I disagree with his current line-up spot of 5th, behind Piazza and Beltran.


Counting down to Spring Training

As we prepare for the beginning of spring training, check out this preview by MLB.com. Rather interesting. Willie has the tools. Now we'll have to see how he uses them.


What a week! No, make that 3 weeks.

My apologies to those that may check back here periodically. I've had a death in the family, what was supposed to be a vacation, and now, reporting back for duty.

Still have to check on what the goings-on are, but a few observations-- 1) Carlos Delgado, somewhat glad he went to Florida. It will be quite a challenge to face these guys during the season, but I think in the long haul, this will help the team. 2) Mags Ordonez, again, does not hurt the team. I am confident Minaya will get something decent in return for Cameron, and a trade dealing Cammy is inevitable. (Bullpen help, and an outfielder is what the Mets will get in return.) My bet is this-- a trade with the Astros for a reliever, and average outfielder to plug the hole.

More as I get back on my feet, but congrats to New England fans. At least it was a good game. Now, can BeanTown get a tri-fecta-- Do I hear the Celtics for NBA champs?

A better option may be the undefeated Boston College college basketball team, or the Boston University Terriers college hockey team.

Nonetheless, a good time to be living in Boston and hanging out on the sports scene there....


Carlos, say hello!

Carlos Beltran to the Puerto Rican press. Carlos Delgado to Omar Minaya.

Much to my surprise, Mets brass pulled a quick one-- literally. Carlos Delgado meeting in Puerto Rico on Thursday, thought it only lasted for about a half hour. Minaya's trying to work his magic again.

Speaking of which, I saw this on a fellow blogger's site, the talk about Piazza is reportedly back on in LA. The Mets wouldn't get much in return, but it would free up some $$$, which may be the ultimate goal of Omar, considering the Delgado Derby.

All of this as the Mike Cameron story picks up more legs than the Energizer Bunny. Get him out already. He's left me with a sour taste. You don't say one thing, and then turn around on something. I firmly believe he never thought in a million years the Mets would land him when he said what he did.

On the minor league front-- from Norfolk, the Tides announce that former Atlanta Brave Kent Oberkfell will manage the team. Howard Johnson will serve as hitting coach.

And finally from the Mets front, great poll at ESPN.com-- who had a better off-season in New York? The Yanks or the Mets?

Finally, the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets are in action. I only mention this because on this board yesterday, I posted with the utmost confidence that I thought the Jets would win this weekend. Furthermore, the Steelers will NOT cover the 9 point spread. The spread has since dropped, and now this from CBS analyst Boomer Esiason.


J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets

Not much going on the Mets front other than what we already know. Omar continues his aggressive pursuit of Carlos Delgado to plug 1B, and Mike Cameron (though he won't say it on the record,) is bitchin.'

MEMO TO OMAR-- Trade him to the Devil Rays, and get some more speed and pop in Carl Crawford.

Now, on to the FOOTBALL team of Shea, the J-E-T-S, Jets, Jets, Jets. Fireman Ed is FIRED up, and we all should be. To love the Mets, is to love the Jets.

You heard it here first-- find every sucker you can, take the 9 point dog, and watch the Jets make you some $$$ this weekend.